Friday, April 21, 2017

A Photo of Three Publishing Heroes, and a note about Post-Asemic Press from the Publisher

Even though Post-Asemic Press will not at the moment be focusing on publishing verbal works, reading literary works is where I cut my teeth. Asemic writing is a counter-reaction to words, and to the physical authority of alphabets. Not all thoughts can be expressed with words, and so here is the mission of Post-Asemic Press: advance asemic free writing. I love words, except when they are used for manipulation and control. Asemic writing puts the reader in the driver's seat of the non-verbal asemic rocket ship. But where to go? What is the destination? Heaven of course! I have self-published chapbooks of asemic writing since 1998, and eventually in perfect bound paperback books since 2006. What I learned from self-publishing is to make mistakes and how to clean them up. I am a "practicing" author, that is, I practice creating abstract animated gif calligraphy and make planet poems; my publishing efforts will be reflective of my personal writing and reading tastes. Post-Asemic Press is my investigative proboscis into the book publishing world. The titles that this press will produce will be different from what every other press is doing, with the press's intention being to focus on the global post-literate asemic writing culture, and related forms, such as post-graffiti, undeciphered scripts, non-verbal communication, alien writing, and experimental literature (words) eventually down the road. Thanks to all the future readers and authors! It's because of you I get out of bed every morning, so send me some crazy good work (60+ pages of asemic writing), and check out our new titles!

 Michael Jacobson
Curator @ The New Post-Literate
& Publisher @ Post-Asemic Press

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