Friday, February 22, 2019

Coming Soon, In Spring of 2019, A New Edition of Codex Abyssus (45 New Pages) by Volodymyr Bilyk! Post-Asemic Press #004

Coming Soon, in late March 2019, a brand new edition of Volodymyr Bilyk's asemic masterpiece Codex Abyssus, Post-Asemic Press #004! Volodymyr has worked hard on getting this expanded title released. The first edition is sold out. This new edition carries on from the original codex but adds a brand new chapter full of 45 new obsessive compulsive non-dis-ordered pages. While this book exhibits a one-of-a-kind romp through Bilyk's imagined calligraphic Pandora's boxes, hope is kept sacred and springs eternal from every mind-bending monastic cell. The pages could be a bird's eye view of a city, a graphic textile design from ancient Africa, or a European lettriste cave painting of a computer motherboard; whatever it is, it becomes a test of the mind's eye. Below is a sample image:

A sample page from the new edition of Codex Abyssus.

More info, and the Codex Abyssus, coming soon!

"An epic of intricate maniacal boxes encoded as mischief."
—Amanda Earl, publisher at AngelHousePress  

"Zigzagging map-like lines. Thick and thin lines alternating. Shaded triangles emerg- ing from one side of the square. Taken together, these little squares add up to a surfeit of images, an impossible-to-take-in totality. To read this book is to get lost into its detailing, not to come to some sort of vision. It literally is its details."     
—Jefferson Hansen, in Rain Taxi

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Asemic Writing, Abstract Calligraphy, Experimental Literature, Etc: An Updated Amazon List Of All Post-Asemic Press Titles!

Post-Asemic Press is a new small press imprint from writer, artist, and independent curator Michael Jacobson. Post-Asemic Press will publish works of asemic writing, abstract calligraphy, punk calligraphy, undeciphered scripts, wordless writing, Lettrisme, experimental literature, post-graffiti, alien writing, poem brut, ultra-free writing, abstract comics, vispo, proto-writing, text art, and anything else he finds interesting. At first, all of the titles will be in black & white, but eventually he would like to publish full color works. Post-Asemic Press is based in cyberspace on THATplanet with a physical office on Earth in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. All Post-Asemic Press titles can be purchased in the shop at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, or online at Amazon.