Sunday, October 7, 2018

I Interviewed Rosaire Appel for Steven J. Fowler's Poem Brut Website!

I think the interview turned out great! Click on the following link to read the interview:

Here is the new cover art for Rosaire's book Zinc Zanc Zunc: An Asemic Conjugation which is being re-released next month by Post-Asemic Press.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Post-Asemic Press now has its own Amazon List and other PAP News!

Click here to view the new list.  I wanted a list specifically for Post-Asemic Press titles, because while the presses main niche is asemic writing, I do in the future plan on publishing other forms of experimental writing. So I decided to make a list that is reflective of this mission. Since the switch to Kindle Direct Publishing has started, I am also going to be re-releasing all PAP titles with new ISBNs so they all have Post-Asemic Press as the imprint instead of Createspace. The next three PAP titles will be coming soon. My book Works & Interviews will be the first title to be re-released, with new cover art. It will be followed by Marilyn R. Rosenberg's FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED, and an updated edition, with new pages, of Volodymyr Bilyk's intense work Codex Abyssus. A book by Cecil Touchon is also in the works for this winter. Here is the old Amazon asemic writing list, where almost all the asemic writing books on Amazon are collected.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Post-Asemic Press News and new cover art for Works & Interviews by Michael Jacobson

Createspace is closing so I spent the day moving all Post-Asemic Press titles to Kindle Direct Publishing and getting them set up there. KDP is still run by Amazon but the new publishing page is more streamlined and is a cleaner but slightly slower experience. Since it is a new site for the press, I went ahead and made new cover art for my book Works & Interviews.

If you are in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA on September 22nd, from 6 to 7 pm, stop by Boneshaker Books, 2002 23rd Avenue South, in Minneapolis. Jefferson Hansen will be having a book release reading for 100 Hybrids. His book plus all other PAP titles will be available for sale. So stop by and say hello and enjoy poetry from Jeff and other great Minnesota poets. Here is the Facebook event page.

Marilyn R. Rosenberg's book of asemic abstract calligraphy FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED is still set to come out in early October 2018. We are just waiting on one more blurb.

I am also excited to announce that the great calligrapher, artist, and collage poet Cecil Touchon is going to be doing a book with PAP this late November 2018. The title of the book is still undecided, but we have plenty of material to make a great new book!

In other PAP news, the other day I met with visual poet and architect  Scott Helmes. We are going to do a book together sometime early next year. The book is tentatively titled "Cut-Up Magazine Asemics" until we find a better name. Look for Scott's book to be released in Spring of 2019.

Also in 2019, look for new PAP books by Australia's asemic writing maestro Tim Gaze, and a book of asemic tattoo magick stories by Brazilian artist Renan Rodrigues. PAP is likewise going to be releasing a book of asemic glitch poems by the Italian poet Marco Giovenale. A book by Tom Cassidy aka Musicmaster is also in the works. Volodymyr Bilyk's title Codex Abyssus will also be expanded next year with 30+ pages of new material.

In 2020 PAP will be open for submissions again.

A Page from an Asemic Magick Book by Renan Rodrigues

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Now there are 8 Titles from Post-Asemic Press! FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED by Marilyn R. Rosenberg will be released on October 3rd, 2018

With the publication of Marilyn R. Rosenberg's FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED, there are now 8 titles available from Post-Asemic Press. Expect the release of FFFFA this October 3rd 2018. Click on the following links for more information on the particular PAP title.
PAP Scribal Family Silent Movie Portrait

Friday, August 24, 2018

Here are three sample pages from FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED by Marilyn R. Rosenberg | Post-Asemic Press #008

FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED by Marilyn R. Rosenberg, a work of asemic abstract calligraphy, will be available for purchase on October 3rd from Amazon. Click here for more info:

"A dynamic and liberating journey that takes us far beyond the neat and disciplined ranks of book typography into the unknown."  
–Simon Morley author of Writing On The Wall and the forthcoming Seven Keys To Modern Art

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The proof copy of FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED by Marilyn R. Rosenberg is in! Post-Asemic Press #008

The proof copy turned out great! We are just waiting on some blurbs. Look for FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED by Marilyn R. Rosenberg to be out on Amazon by October 3rd, 2018, and in the shop at Minnesota Center for Book Arts by mid-October 2018.

"A dynamic and liberating journey that takes us far beyond the neat and disciplined ranks of book typography into the unknown."  
-Simon Morley author of Writing On The Wall and the forthcoming Seven Keys To Modern Art

Click here for more info on FFFFA.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

100 Hybrids by Jefferson Hansen Book Release Reading, at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis, on September 22nd from 6pm - 7pm

Please join us for an evening of poetry and asemic writing. Jeff will be reading from his new book 100 Hybrids. His book plus other Post-Asemic Press titles will be available for purchase. A few other local poets will also read.

Click here for more info:

Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Saturday, September 22 at 6 PM - 7 PM

Friday, August 17, 2018

PEN America | Writers Resist!

Today hundreds of newspapers across the United States, led by The Boston Globe, published editorials challenging attacks on press freedom. These stressed the essential role of journalism and news outlets in undergirding American communities, our politics and policymaking, and the nation as a whole. They issued a powerful call to action for citizens to rise in defense of a free press.

For the last 22 months PEN America has been at the forefront of mobilizing writers and readers across the country as a force in defense of press freedom, truth, and open discourse as they have come under new threats here at home. Today I am proud to announce the formal launch of PEN Across America, a national initiative that has already engaged PEN America Members and allies in 22 American cities—including Detroit, MI; Birmingham, AL; Dallas, TX; Pittsburgh, PA; New Orleans, LA, and elsewhere—in programs, events, campaigns, and advocacy on press freedom and free expression, working with support from staff in our offices in NYC, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Piloted beginning in September 2017 as the PEN America Press Freedom Incentive Fund, this effort has included more than 30 separate events and initiatives, with plans for dozens more in the coming months. The details on our activities can all be found here.
In order for journalists and editors to remain focused on their critical role as dispassionate and dogged searchers for truth, it falls to the rest of us to fend off attacks and threats that are making their work so much more difficult and even dangerous. We have had the luxury in this country to take for granted an intrepid and robust press corps. No more. If the news media is to survive intact serving communities and holding the powerful accountable, it will be because we as citizens took a stand and recognized in time that journalism is worth fighting for.

Our work, including particularly through PEN Across America, would not be possible without the dedicated support of members and allies like you. If you'd like to be involved in a robust defense of press freedom in your community, please contact us. If you haven't yet done so, I urge you to subscribe to PEN America's Daily Alert on Rights and Expression, a must-read update on developments threatening our right to speak, listen, access information, and carry out the obligations of an informed public. 
Yours in solitude,
Suzanne Nossel

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED by Marilyn R. Rosenberg is coming out in Fall 2018! Post-Asemic Press #008

Cover Art
Sample page
Post-Asemic Press is pleased to announce the release of FALSE FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED by Marilyn R. Rosenberg this October of 2018. The book is a great work of asemic abstract calligraphy. It was originally created as a one-of-a-kind artists' book. Marilyn explains here:

About this work-.

   The False Fiction Fractured Fact series started in 2001 with a diary/journal of 219 pages. Worked on throughout the blank bound purchased book pages in and out of order, MRR often returned to pages and to work on them again, as she still does in other new bookworks/artists' books. Related, are False Fiction Fractured Fact- THE OTHER SIDE, in 2008, a visual/asemic poem published 2009, on Michael Jacobson's’ web/ blog  .
There is False Fiction Fractured Fact: take it with you, 2008 at 
And other works, including an asemic computer collage, False Fiction Fractured Fact: THE OTHER SIDE in 2008, on  

   Concept started here with a new irritation, a bite of memory, and a triggered reference as a glimpse, with a ghost of an old idea. FICTION FRACTURED FACT ALTERED  can be read, continuing in both directions, and so has two beginnings and possibly no end, spiraling around, as do most of MRR’s bookworks, and can be read in more than one direction. So seeing is both forward and backward, up, down and around. 
     Broken unity, and hesitations in continuity, are so often concretely expressed by the fragmented circle. But, the complete circle does convey the absence of interruption, and many circles, whole and part circles are here. There are fish in various places, which for decades are the metaphors for groups, family or specific personalities. The name of a fish, the type of fish, gives the clue to its reason for being in the space it occupies. 
     Calligraphic marks can recount one side of abstract conversationsSometimes the open folio is one thought, but most often the facing pages are in dialogue, sometimes in heated contrast and possibly interacting or playing with the pages before and those pages ahead. Calligraphic drawing marks, indecipherable language, Ideogrammatic language, asemic poetry, is the language without known language, before written language, the language beyond any language. Varieties of Ideogram languages/ asemic narratives, tell abstract stories, of course. Interacting within themselves and with the viewer/readerthe pages do ask- are we filled with drawings or poems? Altered and added marks, layered, have hints of depth, space, and sometimes of darkness. Images of objects, and new marks together with those from this earlier series, develop new  groups of visual and asemic poems/drawings. 2018 computer collages are 90, or so, pages in this edition artists'  book -

BRIEF BIO -  Marilyn R. Rosenberg
Born in Philadelphia Pa, MRR is second generation in the USA and all of her family came from the Ukraine while it was under Russian rule. She and Bob have two daughters, 5 grand sons and one grand daughter. Through the years MRR has had a varied education, then in 1978, a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Studio Arts at Empire State College, State U of NY.  In 1993 MRR graduated with a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from the Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University, NY, NY. 

Marilyn R. Rosenberg, as usual, with actual and virtual collage, with pen and brush, stencils, ink, and gouache is making unique and edition images often in bookworks or artists' books. And using the mouse, the Mac, and scanner MRR makes marks, images and words. Since 1977 MRR has been in some one person exhibitions and very many international group exhibits. MRR’s works are part of early mail art, and in current interactions. Ongoing MRR makes artists’ stamps, bookmarks, artists’ books, visual and asemic poetry. A small percentage are created with collaborators. Many unique sculptural bookworks, and published edition works, and works in catalogs, zines and anthologies can be found in university, college and museum library collections.