Publisher's Bio

Michael Jacobson is a writer, artist, and independent curator from
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. His books include The Giant’s Fence
(Ubu Editions), Action Figures (Avance Publishing), Mynd Eraser,
The Paranoia Machine,  his collected writings Works &
Interviews (Post-Asemic Press), and Hei Kuu (Post-Asemic Press) 
his autobiographical collection of senryu poems; he is also co-editor of
An Anthology Of Asemic Handwriting (Punctum Books). Besides 
writing books, he curates a gallery for asemic writing called
The New Post-Literate, and sits on the editorial board of
Recently, he was published in The Last Vispo Anthology
(Fantagraphics), and curated the Minnesota Center for Book Arts
exhibit: Asemic Writing: Offline & In The Gallery. His online interviews 
include SampleKanonAsymptote Journal, Twenty Four Hours
David Alan Binderand at Medium. In the past he created the cover
art for Rain Taxi’s 2014 winter issue, and as of 2017 he has become
a book publisher at Post-Asemic Press. He also founded and
administers the asemic writing Facebook group. In his spare time, 
he is working on designing a cyberspace planet dubbed THAT.
His Ello studio can be found here: @asemicwriter.

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