Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Coming Soon, Actual Books of Asemic Writing!

I am starting this press to publish works of asemic writing. I have been curating The New Post-Literate for almost 10 years and needed a place to publish works by my friends and fellow travelers in the rapidly expanding world of asemic writing. My goal is to produce 4 or 5 books a year, all delightfully illegible, wordless, and abstract. My goal is to bring out quality affordable books in infinite editions by writers and artists whose work I admire. I want to create a new asemic genre that will command space in libraries and book stores. All works published by the press will be printed on demand through Createspace, and hopefully become available through other distribution channels in the future. This will be a diy labor of love. The press is based in Minneapolis, or anywhere on Earth where there is a wifi connection. Actual physical books will be coming soon! -- Michael Jacobson


  1. An brilliant idea what's time has come.

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  3. dear Michael
    thank you so much for your dedication, labors of love and inspiration for so many asemics around the world and beyond--
    very thrilled by this book project! i have some books already made here at home of asemic and also translations of various poets into asemic as well some music in asemic--notations--been at it off and on since a child--as was disappointing to learn that the alphabet was limited to just twenty six letters--my God! when so many myriads of forms already swarming in the landscapes urban and rural--sidewalk cracks--telephone pole images found in their wood grains--forms of trees rock metal the whole visual fields filled with sites/sight/cites--so much of my work is just that--
    onwo//ards always!!
    can't wait to see this series as it moves along!!!
    let me know of any assistance i may provide--

    1. Hi David! Thanks for your kind words! I am publishing 2 books this spring and 3 this summer. We should do a book of yours in the fall. It will have to be black and white for now. message me on facebook and we can chat some more.

  4. michael, congratulations, its going to be wonderful,may i submit? carlyle baker.

  5. Michael -- Very good! Looking forward to the shape of things to come.

  6. This is wonderful news, Michael. Thanks for taking this on.