Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Me Reading The Paranoia Machine @ Asemic Translations: The Rain Taxi reading @ Minnesota Center for Book Arts

photo by Jon Davis

A new updated edition of my collection of asemic writing Works & Interviews will be published sometime in April. The book will have my asemic trans-symbolic novella The Giant's Fence, my asemic hieroglyphics Action Figures, A Headhunter's Tale, 8 interviews with myself, THATplanet, and The Paranoia Machine. This time the book will have a glossy silver/grey cover, and will be the first book put out by Post-Asemic Press.


  1. Everyone really loved your kinetic hat, Michael! The new edition of Works & Interviews sound great. I've been exchanging lots of emails lately with Jim Leftwich about asemic writing, history of it and its connection with Zaum (Russian Futurists), etc. Many thanks for curating the MCBA exhibit.