Thursday, March 30, 2017

Coming Soon! Works & Interviews by Michael Jacobson | Post-Asemic Press #001

Here is the official cover art for Works & Interviews. The book contains my asemic novella The Giant's Fence, my asemic hieroglyphic work Action Figures, A Headhunter's Tale, 8 interviews with  myself, THATplanet, and The Paranoia Machine. This will be the first title from Post-Asemic Press and it will drop in April 2017.

This book was a major learning experience for me. It is mainly about self-discovery and over coming mental obstacles. In Works & Interviews I have documented my travels through the psychic tundra of mental and spiritual disturbance. Some people pray, I make asemic writing. Almost everything in Works & Interviews is available for free online on various websites, but I think books are cool, and like vinyl records, they are fun to collect.

I am starting Post-Asemic Press because someone had to. Tim Gaze has his great imprint Asemic Editions, but I was looking to start something that would publish asemic works more often, and be distributed more widely. Thanks to print-on-demand technology and the internet, niche subjects like asemic writing are becoming increasingly easier to distribute into the real world. I love cyberspace as much as anyone, and asemic writing wouldn't be as popular as it is without the web, but there is something magical about physical books, and at this time, the press will not be making ebooks. 

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