Thursday, August 8, 2019

The proof copies of 'Magazine: The Cut-Up Asemics' by Scott Helmes arrived today! Post-Asemic Press #010

The proof copies of Scott Helmes' book Magazine: The Cut-Up Asemics arrived from the printer today. The book is a short 60 page masterful burst of fragmented cut-up letters and asemic calligraphy from a great and legendary visual poet. Scott has been making visual poems since the 1970s and in this manuscript he has honed his craft to a sharp edge. There is the occasional diced word but the majority of this work takes the reader on a non-verbal journey through fractured and illegible yet still entrancing asemic writing. 

Magazine: The Cut-Up Asemics is abstract art applied to writing in a chopped and then gracefully reassembled way. It collects a surgical language of asemic silence and permeates it with eternal aesthetic wisdom. I am thankful to Scott for allowing Post-Asemic Press to publish his book!

Now that the book is assembled, the hunt for blurbs is on. Expect Magazine: The Cut-Up Asemics to drop from Post-Asemic Press in late 2019.

Here are a few sample pages from Scott's book:

Scott Helmes is a poet, book artist, writer, artist, architect and photographer. His experimental poetry has been collected, published and exhibited worldwide for over 40 years. Books include ‘1000 Haiku’-Stamp Pad Press; “Poems From Then to Now”, Redfoxpress, Ireland and ‘The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008’. In 2015, two works were included in “The New Concrete” an international concrete poetry anthology from Hayward Press, London. 13 poems were published as part of the Kobitadihi Online Magazine ‘World-wide Visual Poetry’ April 2017. An altered book was exhibited in the ‘Wallpaper’ exhibition at Traffic Zone in July, 2018. His studio is located in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

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