Monday, February 10, 2020

Proof Copies of GLITCHASEMICS by Marco Giovenale are fresh from the printer!

The proof copies of Marco Giovenale's book GLITCHASEMICS are home from the printer. Everything is looking great! Expect the book to be released from Post-Asemic Press in early May, 2020. 
At 123 pages in length, this work gives an ample survey of Giovenale's asemic drawriting combined with his glitch art expertise. The book is in full color, so it costs more to produce, but the effect is well worth it, and is the literary equivalent to the invention of flowers. GLITCHASEMICS includes an extensive introduction by critical theorist/research artist Michael Betancourt where he discusses Marco's work in detail. 

Here are two blurbs about Marco Giovenale's opus:

"Marco Giovenale pens poems that are truly intersectional, flickering on the nexus of several technologies including the hand, the computer, the camera, the book, and the xerox machine. Riddled with exacting error, they straddle the visual and the literary, the result of which is an extraordinary series of poems that are at once readable and lookable, both rigorous and serendipitous. Finalmente, parole in libertà!”
 — Kenneth Goldsmith, curator and poet at UbuWeb

“Imagetext, glitchasemics, New Aesthetic, dirty media — call it what you will. This isn’t so much a book as it is a pop-up exhibition of literary malware that just may corrupt you too and you may not even know it.”
  Mark Amerika, author of remixthebook

Here are some sample pages:

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