Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Here are the Post-Asemic Press titles to be released in 2020 and early 2021!

The next titles to be released by PAP are: 
  • Glitchasemics by Marco Giovenale (May, 2020)
  • Code Poems 2010-2019 by Francesco Aprile (August, 2020)
  • Hei Kuu by Michael Jacobson (November, 2020)
  • Glyphs of Uncertain Meaning by Tim Gaze (February 2021) 

1. Glitchasemics is a slick work of Marco's signature drawriting. It combines jagged glitches with scrawled asemic writing into a unique nexus of artistic exhalation. This book gives the sensation of speed, urgency, and glitch-shots of time. The book is in full color and represents a new potential in asemic literature. Look for it to drop from Post-Asemic Press in May, 2020. It includes an extensive introduction penned by Michael Betancourt.

2. Code Poems 2010-2019 is a book of computer code poetry covering the last decade. This book is downright mysterious. It will have an introduction explaining Code Poems by the always great Volodymyr Bilyk. Look for more top-secret info coming soon.

"Aprile is the Jeff Wall of techno-debris. His poems are short circuits, cracks in a technical workflow, hidden in plain sight inside a cityscape of stack traces."
 —Nick Pelling, Cipher Mysteries Blog

3. Hei Kuu means "Hello Moon" in Suomi (Finnish). These are the 409-senryu, quasi-haiku, ribald-punk, experimental-illness, schizo-affective, lunatic-lunar, computer-telepathic, anarchic-autobiographic, noita-divining, agnostic-confessional, poem-stories behind my wild western asemic writing life."
 —Michael Jacobson, author of Works & Interviews

4. Glyphs of Uncertain Meaning is classic asemic writing by Tim Gaze, the founding father of internet asemics. Without his effort asemic writing on the net would be stunted in its growth. There are over 200 asemic works combined to tell Tim's unique journey into improvisational calligraphic landscapes of meaning(ful/less) transience. This book takes the reader back to the modern roots of asemic consciousness. What are these marks? It's left in trust to the reader. Look for the book to appear next February of 2021. Glyphs of Uncertain Meaning will have an intro written by the Finnish scholar Riikka Ala-Hakula.